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NAKD Stock: Things Investors Need To Know About Naked Brand

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There are some stocks in the market that are highly volatile. It is not really safe to go long with these stocks. However, if you want to make quick and easy money, you can trade in these stocks.

You need to research the company and all the latest plans and events of the company to determine the right time to buy and sell the stocks.

Naked Brand is one such stock that is highly volatile. The price of the stock has surged and went down over the last few months. However, if you are planning to invest in this stock, here are some things you need to know.

  • Naked Brand: It is a company which design, manufacture and sells intimate apparel. You will get various brands of intimate wear and swimwear in the stores. The apparel and intimate wear are sold in physical stores. It was launched in the year 2009.
  • NASDAQ NAKD: The stocks at on this company are listed on NASDAQ. It is a penny stock that is highly volatile. Currently, the stock value is pretty low. The investors are trying to bring back the value to $1.
  • Delisting Notice: As the value of the stock is falling beyond repair, the company is also facing a delisting problem. Nasdaq Exchange has officially given a notice to the company to delist the stock from the platform. The main reason behind this notice is the declining stock price. The company is not able to maintain a $1 price for 30 days.
  • Low Stock Price: The stock value of the company is volatile, but it is quite low compared to other penny stocks. The value has not risen to $1 for the last 30 consecutive days.

  • No Delisting: Even though the company is not able to maintain the NASDAQ NAKD stock price, it will not be delisted soon. Nasdaq has only given a notice. It will not be delisted anytime soon. The stock will remain on the platform.
  • 180 Days Period: The Company still have 180 days left from the date to notice to raise the stock value up. If they are able to increase the value by $1 for 30 days, it will not be delisted.
  • General Meeting: In order to protect the shares from getting delisted, the company help General Meeting with the shareholders. They are planning to divest Brendon Business. They have gotten approval from the shareholders to divest it.

This measure by Naked Brand Group might possibly help them to raise NASDAQ NAKD stock value. Loyal investors are helping the company to bring the value back to $1. Before stock trading, you can check more stocks like nasdaq ocgn at