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Expand Your Knowledge by Taking a Quiz

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Quiz is one kind of game that is called as mind sport wherein players, as a team or individual tries to answer various questions given to them rightly, it can be for fun or for some prize.

But, I am pretty we are familiar with the popular quizzes found at Quizlagoon. These are just some examples of the quiz competitions held. Over past some years, many people are fascinated by such quizzes that come on our television sets. They are enjoyed and watched by adults and children alike even now!

The quiz competitions are held in Schools and even Universities to help in the language development and subject areas


Many educational institutes make use of this as the brief assessment and tool to measure your growth of knowledge, abilities or skills either on the general level or specific fields like maths, science, and more. Here are some top reasons why you must take a quiz.

  • Helps in team building
  • Helps in the language development with questions that are based in language
  • Provoking discussion & debate amongst the players or teams
  • Fun to take part but with the competitive element
  • Promoting harmony, in schools, organisations, and group of friends
  • Help to relieve tension of your daily work routine
  • Quiz competitions help to build student’s soft skills
  • Spelling bees improve student’s vocabulary and spellings
  • Helps to make new friends, from the different cultures

Quizzes Need to Fun and Interactive

Quizzes don’t need to be boring or intelligence-insulting activity not serving any purpose than checking this box, which says we tested the people. Online quizzes are used for motivating the learners, to help them remember things that they have learned, as well as assess their knowledge in a better way. Evidence from the research shows that it can get used to our benefit, providing we follow some easy principles mentioned to make the quizzes effective.

Final Words

Well now you are aware about the benefits of the quiz competitions, it’s time that you encourage your kid to participate in the quiz competitions and spelling bees.