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The Best Private Elementary Schools in Durham

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Elementary Education has distinct focused roles to play in a child’s life such as enabling children. To write, learn reading, creativity, and arithmetic along with logical judgments, character building. Communication, critical thinking, socialization skills, cultural, behavioral, physical. It is necessary since it promotes the rapid growth of gross and fine motor skills in children. As they do a lot of plays and activities, usually, it is the foundation of all various forms of learning.


There is 32 private elementary school in Durham, NC for the school year 2022. Serving almost 6,485 students, the average tuition cost is $10,114 that is higher. Compared to the North Carolina private elementary school average tuition cost of $9,075. 56% of private elementary schools in Durham County, NC that are religiously associated.

Explore the Best Private Elementary Schools in 2022 in Durham

 The Studio School of Durham

  • Their Design Studio is a committed, dedicated, and intentional space. Created to let the children be designers, engineers, creators. Builders and tech enthusiasts at the start of their elementary education. A research-based for kids in kindergarten through 5th grade.
  • Trinity School of Durham & Chapel Hill
  • Trinity is a Christian and independent school providing a rich curriculum. That motivates deep understanding and aids students to learn. Along with a superb academic education, Trinity gives highly engaging athletics. Language arts, fine arts programs for students in intermediating kindergarten through grade 12.
  • Camelot Academy
  • Camelot is a fully accredited, small yet private school serving grades K-12 in Durham, NC. Camelot’s devoted and small-size teaching staff make it possible for students. To have a customized educational experience and their student’s academic progress is their main concern. Giving a nurturing and safe environment that supports emotional and social growth is part of their mission.
  • Triangle Day School
  • Triangle Day School has a welcoming and warm community committed to academic excellence. It ignites fosters compassion, intellectual curiosity, and nurtures creativity. To give confidence in every student to lead a life of purpose.
  • Caroline Friends School
  • Caroling Friends School is inspired by Quaker values. Devoted to excellence in all they do, they believe the best education enhances a child’s courage, curiosity, and creative thinking. They allow their students to question the world around them. To discover passions and use their voices in service of the greater good.
  • Cresset Christian Academy
  • It was launched in 1975, Cresset has constantly provided education. That comprises preparatory courses, complete fine arts programs, and competitive athletic teams.