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Exploring The Contents Of Synthetic Urine For Sale

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Synthetic products play an important role in many laboratory tests. However, the urgent demand for many original chemicals and samples is sometimes difficult to procure. In addition, urine tests are common in many research and compulsory checking. Synthetic urine for sale provides an easy alternative when there is the threat of negative results, or it isn’t easy to arrange for the real one.

What Is Synthetic Urine?

Specially manufactured for lab tests, the synthetic urine is a perfect remake of the original one. The brands also claim to use real urine along with added chemicals. The compounds like chlorine, potassium and sodium are found in correct proportions.

Suitable for every purpose, the chemical properties like proportions and pH are also balanced. The nature and the colour of the synthetic liquid are almost similar to the real, sure enough, to defy the eyesight.

Odour and colour are some of the prime indicators that distinguish the real and fake. But the branded ones have the exact properties and even the facility of body temperature to replicate perfectly.

What Does The Kit Have?

Companies manufacturing synthetic urine for sale provide complete aided kits requiring no other equipment.

  • The urine requires preparation in some brands that are available in powdered form. In contrast, others are available as pre-made liquids in sealed pouches. Fresh preparation is often suggested to maintain accurate pH and chemical balance.
  • Vials and stirrers are also provided to help store and mix with care. Improper storage can lead to contamination and subsequent negative results.
  • Temperature control is provided through heating pads. However, they are generally not reusable and can be stuck to the outer walls of vials an hour before the tests.

Synthetic urine has been a great help in numerous pharmaceutical and lab tests providing accurate results as required. In addition, the product is affordable, and many of the top brands are available online for easy purchase.