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How to suppress appetite naturally?

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Putting a stop to hunger helps deter overfilling and the unavoidable weight gain it leads to. Listed below are some expert-approved tips. Each natural appetite suppressant can help us ultimately get rid of those last few pounds.

Spice up your food

Craving spicy food can say a lot about you. More importantly, these foods act as appetite suppressants naturally. The functional ingredient in a lot of these foods is capsaicin, it is also found in peppers. Cayenne peppers have many other benefits too. Adding a dash of these spices slows down the eating, which leads to eating less.

Sniffing peppermint

The aroma of peppermint can keep hunger away. Research indicates that if participants inhaled peppermint every few hours for a few days, they ate almost 1,800 fewer calories and estimated their hunger relatively lower than those participants who were not given peppermint to smell. Lighting a candle that smells of peppermint, chewing peppermint gum, and sipping peppermint tea can help you reap the appetite-suppressing benefits.


These seeds have ample fiber, and therefore they can be a tremendous appetite suppressant. You can sprinkle some chia seeds on yogurt or oatmeal or put them into your smoothies and pancakes. They expand in your belly up to even nine times their real size. This can help you feel full for many hours. Chia seeds are the main soluble fiber that has been attributed to reduced hunger. Other sources of soluble fiber are flaxseed, legumes, asparagus, and oats.


Eating an apple every day can do much more than just keeping the doctor away. It can also help as an appetite suppressant. The mixture of soluble fiber, pectin, water content, and so much chewing can make an apple a terrific appetite-taming food. This appetite suppressant is also portion-controlled, which makes it an overall home run.

Drink up

Drinking water before every meal can help to curb your appetite. If plain water is a yawner for you, then add slices of citrus fruit to it. One more manner to hydrate is by crunching on water-rich vegetables such as radishes, zucchini, celery, and cucumbers.