The Scope Of Roses Bouquet Singapore Delivery
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The Scope Of Roses Bouquet Singapore Delivery

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Who doesn’t love the aromatic and fragrant smell of flowers? Flowers are pleasing and have inhabited their position in the society. Apart from being used for aesthetic purposes, flowers also compose a big role in religious and ceremonial events. According to the IMARC Group, the Indian floriculture market is expected to reach INR 426 billion by 2027. The hospitality sector plays a major role in this.

But their availability and accessibility are not something the economic market can stand by. The flower industry is highly scattered and unorganized. There is a demand for fresh exotic flowers which is being fulfilled by many corporations through roses bouquet singapore delivery services. But how do they function and are they profitable?

How to operate an online flower delivery business?

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  • Before starting any venture, planning, and research is necessary. Most companies have tie-ups with various small florists and intermediaries and channel their products on their domain.
  • Next, on receiving an order it is necessary to notify the suitable intermediary to arrange for the same.
  • The order is picked up by the corporation’s delivery service and then delivered to the consumer.

Is the business money-making?

  • The flower industry seems to be blossoming these days. It is easy enough to become a flower seller.
  • The income from flowers is so attractive that many farmers in Chhatarpur and Mehrauli on the outskirts of Delhi have started growing flowers instead of crops.
  • The competition in the market is high with a few players having the monopoly, however in the long run it is satisfactory.

Drawbacks in the industry

  • The face of the company depends on its sellers. Since the actual product is ‘manufactured’ by intermediaries hence they need to provide high-quality goods and services. Or else it would be the company’s goodwill that would be affected.
  • The demand for flowers is chronic. Apart from the hospitality sector which assures constant demand during the year, other sectors are volatile. It means that in the auspicious wedding seasons, flowers are highly demanded. But in some months with no such ceremonial function, the demand for flowers considerably reaches low.
  • Flowers are extremely delicate and have to be handled carefully. It is necessary to have adequate infrastructure for the same.

Online flower delivery is a capital-intensive service. It is a fresh concept that is gaining momentum these days and is highly prosperous. No doubt that the fusion of technology with flowers is a blossoming act.